13 for april

13 04 2010

pictures of the first 22 1/2 hours of my day.

{instead of going to class, i caught up on missed contracts lectures}

{smoothie - orange juice, banana, cherry berry frozen mix from trader joe's, and frozen mangoes}

{getting fancy wit it}

{always armed with obagi sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and a highlighter}

{i park a little further for a prettier walk to school: ucla's sculpture garden}

{daytime books}

{i put nick's beloved pepper in the sun when i got home}

{my headless monster of a husband}

{my obsession - it prints 7,000 pages on a single cartridge!}

{everyday, i am reminded of these things that need to be hung - will they be on next month's 13?}

{this is what nick does when i study - so cute}

{our fridge - which i see a lot of because during finals i eat my stress away}

{nighttime books}

and there you have it, folks.  a day in the life of a law student in the 14th week of spring semester and on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  no, not really.  i just thought it sounded cool.



14 03 2010

…because i’m not superstitious and I got a lot of flack from *someone* about my photoshoots.

my beauty stuffs for the days I care

one of my fave people, our best man for our wedding, and our best pal, dave

Denny's instead of The Pantry. You'll see why.

Lines down the street! Those pancakes better be orgasmic for that wait.

Me being retarded in the Team LA Store - I LOVE LA SPORTS!

Nick pretending to be afraid of heights as we head to our nosebleed seats.

There are no bad seats for hockey at staples center. Seriously.

As much as I enjoy focusing on the game and the energy of the crowd at Kings games, I had to focused on this at every commercial break and intermission. law school = timesucker

Picked these up from an insider source on the way home - gotta love free stuff!

Bestie from college, Eric. Dinner at Bossa Nova with undergrad best pals.

After-dinner wine AND cafe au lait? I like to live dangerously close...to a nap.

Monica. Too fast for my camera.

Cutest books. Not too bossy; more informative. I motivate myself to write my memo by allowing myself 10 minutes of fashion reading for every 50 minutes of work done.

And, that my friends, was the first 23 hours of my day.  Now, it’s time for my all-nighter.  Good thing I have an unhealthy relationship with my coffee maker and hot water pot.  I shake my fist at you, law school.  Vigorously shaking my fist at you.