scratch that last post

13 03 2010

ok, ok, ok.  i don’t have time to be posting up pictures everyday.  i’m in law school for gawdsakes.  i will compromise.  i will do a compilation of photos of one day per month.  i’ve seen this done as 12 of 12 (12 pictures of the 12th of every month, which would make sense, but it is now the 13th, so it’s a little late for that).  i’m going to do 14 for 14.  why?  because i’m excited to use my new camera for this photo project and i want to start it tomorrow and tomorrow is the 14th.  i promise to do it after the memorandum* is almost done, though.  no effing around!

*for non-law-schoolers, “memorandum” is just a fancy term for “an evil paper that will suck the life out of you for at least one week if not more”.


new camera!

13 03 2010

tomorrow, i will begin a year-long journey in blogging.  everyday, i will post a new picture for one whole year.  i will take the pics with my brand new cutie patootie camera (i wanted an SLR but wouldn’t ya know it, they’re kinda expensive a little bit).  i wonder if i have enough memory for a year’s worth of peectures on a free blog like this. i wonder if i have that kind of determination. eh. i’ll try it and if i need more, i’ll BUY more.  because extra memory and determination can be bought. and  i’m made of money. NOT.  pictures abound, my friends.  pictures abound.  i love new projects!