the healing properties of ice cream

29 03 2010

blogs are so much better with pictures, aren’t they?  well, there won’t be any on this post, so if you like pictures you should navigate away from the page.

instead, i will talk about the healing properties of ice cream.

i don’t know about you, but a big bowl of ice cream will cheer me right up.  somehow i feel like character on a cathy comic strip when i reach for that carton of rocky road, but i don’t care.



17 03 2010

I have never in my life been so conflicted about time off from school.  I am so excited and yet so unhappy about spring break.  On the one hand, I am looking forward to a week and a half away from campus because law school really knows how to rip you a new one.  On the other hand, I have to spend most of spring break studying for finals in six weeks.  Yes, I have to study for finals even though they’re six weeks away.  Apparently, law school involves hard work or something.  Can’t really complain though – I’M LIVIN’ THE DREAM!!!!!!!!!!  Gotta love getting what you want, and boy, did I want law school.  I still do even though it hurts.

Some things I’d like to do over spring break:

  • take all those old clothes I cleaned out of my closet to a donation center
  • play dress up a la Carrie from SATC movie
  • get a beer and a cheese plate from Father’s Office at least once (but I’d be okay with going every day, too)
  • go to the spa for a body scrub and a massage
  • play with my dog
  • finally finish my bikram yoga series
  • study my ass off

One event that is already planned is an mini-stay in San Diego with the hubby.   It’ll be a much-deserved getaway for us.  He’s been so amazing throughout this law school thing –  he’s 100% supportive, no matter how grumpy I get.  He even makes me homemade barbeque sauce.  That’s how I know he loves me.  Well, that’s one of the ways I know he loves me.

Oh yeah, and I’m running that 5k this weekend.  Oi.

Sigh.  Back to work.  Spring break doesn’t start until tomorrow.

THAT was fun.

15 03 2010

Not really.  But memo-writing is never fun, and yet somehow, I signed up to do this for the rest of my life.  Must re-evaluate decision-making skills.

On to more exciting things, like blogs.   This may sound crazy, but blogging may have made me a better law student.  I now realize how much clutter I have in my brain.  It’s kinda like when your hands and arms are full of groceries and you just need to put some stuff down in order to open the door.  I just needed some place to put all of this randomness down so I can think for a minute.  Journals are nice in theory but they suck in reality because your hand starts to hurt after awhile and if you make a mistake, there’s no backspace – just an unsightly little squiggle of pen.  Me no likey.

Blogs are way cooler anyway .  Your thoughts are out there for anyone who wants to see them – out there in the big wide interwebs.   Yep, I’m only 8 years behind on this whole blog thing, but I’m into it now.

And now, I leave you a picture of the interwebs, taken by yours truly at the Massive Change [the future of global design] Exhibit when it was in Chicago.

ooh, the interwebs.

scratch that last post

13 03 2010

ok, ok, ok.  i don’t have time to be posting up pictures everyday.  i’m in law school for gawdsakes.  i will compromise.  i will do a compilation of photos of one day per month.  i’ve seen this done as 12 of 12 (12 pictures of the 12th of every month, which would make sense, but it is now the 13th, so it’s a little late for that).  i’m going to do 14 for 14.  why?  because i’m excited to use my new camera for this photo project and i want to start it tomorrow and tomorrow is the 14th.  i promise to do it after the memorandum* is almost done, though.  no effing around!

*for non-law-schoolers, “memorandum” is just a fancy term for “an evil paper that will suck the life out of you for at least one week if not more”.

new camera!

13 03 2010

tomorrow, i will begin a year-long journey in blogging.  everyday, i will post a new picture for one whole year.  i will take the pics with my brand new cutie patootie camera (i wanted an SLR but wouldn’t ya know it, they’re kinda expensive a little bit).  i wonder if i have enough memory for a year’s worth of peectures on a free blog like this. i wonder if i have that kind of determination. eh. i’ll try it and if i need more, i’ll BUY more.  because extra memory and determination can be bought. and  i’m made of money. NOT.  pictures abound, my friends.  pictures abound.  i love new projects!

hey, jealousy

5 03 2010

i’ve been feeling low lately, which has led to other feelings i’m not fond of – particularly, jealousy.  i’m not proud of feeling that way, but i accept that i feel that way and i’m trying to understand it.


4 03 2010

I’m a blog-a-holic with blog bulimia.  Let me explain.  I have a teensy obsession with domain names and have registered over twenty in the past year with the hopes of finding one that fit me (how self-absorbed, I know).  I’d register, then I’d purge.  NO…sounds too cheezy.  Too serious.  Eh.  The list went on like this for quite some time.

I even had trouble deciding on the hosting website.  LiveJournal?  Blogger?  Xanga?  The choices just effed with my head.  What’s even worse is that I’m not generally indecisive – I usually like something or I don’t, but somehow I’ve been convinced that this whole blog thing is about “personal branding” and THAT thought catapulted this whole project into the overthink/overdo/crazy sphere.

This tangentially relates to my slight obsession with journals.  I love writing in journals, and lord knows I love me a pretty journal, so I buy them in excess, one after the other, write in twenty pages, and move onto the next because I have journal A.D.D.  Not only am I killing trees, I’m wasting precious dollars.  Lucky for me, I have the interwebs and now I can just register domain names for fun.  See?  Absolutely crazy.

So here I am.  I’ve found my blog.  I’ve found my blog host.  I am committed to it.   Now all I need to do is choose a stinkin’ camera and we can get this show on the  road.