the eve of the end

5 05 2010

law school has changed my life in a million different ways – some good, some bad.  i may never look at an elevator the same way because i’ve written about crashing elevators in eleventy different ways.    i’ve gained some and i’ve lost some, but the losses that are the hardest to bear are the least tangible.  i used to talk to my best friend at least once a week, and during fall semester, i didn’t even know she moved from one city to another.  i’ve missed important moments that i’ll never get back, like wedding showers and birthday celebrations that just so happened to be scheduled in the teen weeks of my semesters.  today, i mourn the lost memories.

an important thing to remember is that as i move forward in life, other people are moving forward, too.  sometimes i forget that my friends aren’t frozen in time just waiting for me to get out of law school (how self-centered, i know).  they’re busy working, planning weddings, having babies, studying, and just being.  lately, i’ve just been lingering over my favorite memories with my bestest friends – sitting in bestie x’s apartment with bestie y, just reading gossip magazines, watching bad reality television and stuffing our faces with tuna helper.  those were the days.  but, life goes on.   and we change.

thems is the breaks.

here i am, on the eve of the end of my 1L year.  today, along with mourning the lost moments, i celebrate the person i’ve become because of law school.  this place has squeezed every single tear out of me, so i don’t cry much anymore.  it made me question my core values and brought me back full circle – i’m more sure of who i am now than i ever was before (and oh, did i think i was sure before this!).  law school pushed and pulled – my brain swelled and stretched in response.  my appreciation  for my husband and for my family grew exponentially because they rallied around me. it wasn’t the funnest year ever, but it was maybe one of the most rewarding.


what’s going on here?

29 04 2010

as soon as i finished my contracts final (#2 out of 4), the lazy me showed up and hasn’t left.  i haven’t run much since i don’t know when.  i have been eating like a horse and i’ve been eating things that are not good for me, like mochi, chocolate, burgers, fried chicken and other crap.  i’ve also be averse to studying.  go away, lazy me.  go away.  the end is near…let’s finish strong.

stream of consciousness

25 04 2010

it’s been awhile since i blogged, eh?  law school finals will do that to a person.  sadly, i have nothing all that interesting to report.  just, you know, studying my butt off and locking myself in our bedroom while yelling at nick to be quiet.  of course, there’s also been a lot of double shots of espresso and cream at odd hours.  i’ve also made several trips to the store for ice cream and mochi.  i had trouble finding those little 5-hour energy bottles at the grocery store.  do they only sell those at gas stations and convenience stores?  if so, that’s a BAD sign.  last week, i had cupcakes for five out of seven days.  just trying to make sure that i look like a walrus in my swimsuit this summer.  i moved our foyer table (to be used in our future foyer) into our bedroom and made a little workspace in the corner.  SO WHAT if i can’t open half of my closet because a dining room chair/foyer desk chair is in the way?  i don’t care because i haven’t changed out of my pajamas since friday and nick just did laundry so i’ll hang those clothes over that dining chair and hope i don’t have to wear anything more formal than yoga pants for the next fourteen days.

lights at the end of the tunnels

13 04 2010

i have four tunnels (aka law school finals), so i need four things to look forward to.  last semester i decided that once i finish a final, the rest of that day is all mine – no studying allowed.   my brain is mush after all that studying and it deserves a break, even if it is just one night.

my first final is this friday, and as a reward for finishing it, nick and i are going to sasabune on wilshire and one of those college streets.  allegedly, it’s the best sushi in the city.  emily of cupcakes and cashmere fame recommended it and i’m kind of intrigued by this whole “there’s no menu” bizness.  afterwards, we’re heading to yummy cupcakes on wilshire and 3rd street so i can indulge in a red velvet cupcake with cocoa cream cheese frosting.

as for my other finals, i’m thinking about heading down to the farmer’s market to try out singapore’s banana leaf.  my dear friend, monica, ate there recently and loved it.  plus i’ve never been to the farmer’s market here in lala-land.  can you believe it?!  also on my radar:

  1. vanilla bakeshop – the shop itself is so pretty and i bet the cupcakes are yumz.  we walk by it every time we head to sur la table (we go there a lot so i can fawn over all the pretty kitchen things) – and  i always ask myself why we never stop in.  it is time to remedy that.
  2. huckleberry cafe– i love love love this place.  their cappuccinos are to die for (get full fat milk) and they have these HUGE fluffy fat cinnamon sugar donuts.  and snickerdoodle muffins!  but what i’m really pumped about are these thursday night family dinners they offer (and guess what? i have a final on a thursday…coincidence?  i think not).  it is a three course meal with an amuse-bouche and the menu changes every week.
  3. daikokuya ramen – annie recommended this place to me AGES ago.  i am obsessed with ramen to the max, so it is a testament to the workload of law school that i have yet to go.

i think that covers me for four nights of foodie indulgence.  at least it gives me something to look forward to during finals.  oh, and i’m working on my monthly ‘see what i see’ post…coming soon!

i love dr. seuss

7 04 2010

My favorite quotes from an awesome dude: Dr. Seuss

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

“Fun is good.”


17 03 2010

I have never in my life been so conflicted about time off from school.  I am so excited and yet so unhappy about spring break.  On the one hand, I am looking forward to a week and a half away from campus because law school really knows how to rip you a new one.  On the other hand, I have to spend most of spring break studying for finals in six weeks.  Yes, I have to study for finals even though they’re six weeks away.  Apparently, law school involves hard work or something.  Can’t really complain though – I’M LIVIN’ THE DREAM!!!!!!!!!!  Gotta love getting what you want, and boy, did I want law school.  I still do even though it hurts.

Some things I’d like to do over spring break:

  • take all those old clothes I cleaned out of my closet to a donation center
  • play dress up a la Carrie from SATC movie
  • get a beer and a cheese plate from Father’s Office at least once (but I’d be okay with going every day, too)
  • go to the spa for a body scrub and a massage
  • play with my dog
  • finally finish my bikram yoga series
  • study my ass off

One event that is already planned is an mini-stay in San Diego with the hubby.   It’ll be a much-deserved getaway for us.  He’s been so amazing throughout this law school thing –  he’s 100% supportive, no matter how grumpy I get.  He even makes me homemade barbeque sauce.  That’s how I know he loves me.  Well, that’s one of the ways I know he loves me.

Oh yeah, and I’m running that 5k this weekend.  Oi.

Sigh.  Back to work.  Spring break doesn’t start until tomorrow.