stream of consciousness

25 04 2010

it’s been awhile since i blogged, eh?  law school finals will do that to a person.  sadly, i have nothing all that interesting to report.  just, you know, studying my butt off and locking myself in our bedroom while yelling at nick to be quiet.  of course, there’s also been a lot of double shots of espresso and cream at odd hours.  i’ve also made several trips to the store for ice cream and mochi.  i had trouble finding those little 5-hour energy bottles at the grocery store.  do they only sell those at gas stations and convenience stores?  if so, that’s a BAD sign.  last week, i had cupcakes for five out of seven days.  just trying to make sure that i look like a walrus in my swimsuit this summer.  i moved our foyer table (to be used in our future foyer) into our bedroom and made a little workspace in the corner.  SO WHAT if i can’t open half of my closet because a dining room chair/foyer desk chair is in the way?  i don’t care because i haven’t changed out of my pajamas since friday and nick just did laundry so i’ll hang those clothes over that dining chair and hope i don’t have to wear anything more formal than yoga pants for the next fourteen days.




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