lights at the end of the tunnels

13 04 2010

i have four tunnels (aka law school finals), so i need four things to look forward to.  last semester i decided that once i finish a final, the rest of that day is all mine – no studying allowed.   my brain is mush after all that studying and it deserves a break, even if it is just one night.

my first final is this friday, and as a reward for finishing it, nick and i are going to sasabune on wilshire and one of those college streets.  allegedly, it’s the best sushi in the city.  emily of cupcakes and cashmere fame recommended it and i’m kind of intrigued by this whole “there’s no menu” bizness.  afterwards, we’re heading to yummy cupcakes on wilshire and 3rd street so i can indulge in a red velvet cupcake with cocoa cream cheese frosting.

as for my other finals, i’m thinking about heading down to the farmer’s market to try out singapore’s banana leaf.  my dear friend, monica, ate there recently and loved it.  plus i’ve never been to the farmer’s market here in lala-land.  can you believe it?!  also on my radar:

  1. vanilla bakeshop – the shop itself is so pretty and i bet the cupcakes are yumz.  we walk by it every time we head to sur la table (we go there a lot so i can fawn over all the pretty kitchen things) – and  i always ask myself why we never stop in.  it is time to remedy that.
  2. huckleberry cafe– i love love love this place.  their cappuccinos are to die for (get full fat milk) and they have these HUGE fluffy fat cinnamon sugar donuts.  and snickerdoodle muffins!  but what i’m really pumped about are these thursday night family dinners they offer (and guess what? i have a final on a thursday…coincidence?  i think not).  it is a three course meal with an amuse-bouche and the menu changes every week.
  3. daikokuya ramen – annie recommended this place to me AGES ago.  i am obsessed with ramen to the max, so it is a testament to the workload of law school that i have yet to go.

i think that covers me for four nights of foodie indulgence.  at least it gives me something to look forward to during finals.  oh, and i’m working on my monthly ‘see what i see’ post…coming soon!




One response

13 04 2010

daikokuya ramen is so bomb!
and i will try huckleberry cafe. 🙂

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