13 for april

13 04 2010

pictures of the first 22 1/2 hours of my day.

{instead of going to class, i caught up on missed contracts lectures}

{smoothie - orange juice, banana, cherry berry frozen mix from trader joe's, and frozen mangoes}

{getting fancy wit it}

{always armed with obagi sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and a highlighter}

{i park a little further for a prettier walk to school: ucla's sculpture garden}

{daytime books}

{i put nick's beloved pepper in the sun when i got home}

{my headless monster of a husband}

{my obsession - it prints 7,000 pages on a single cartridge!}

{everyday, i am reminded of these things that need to be hung - will they be on next month's 13?}

{this is what nick does when i study - so cute}

{our fridge - which i see a lot of because during finals i eat my stress away}

{nighttime books}

and there you have it, folks.  a day in the life of a law student in the 14th week of spring semester and on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  no, not really.  i just thought it sounded cool.




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