riding ’round town…in the [soon-to-be-mine] vespa

10 04 2010

for various reasons, it looks like i’ll be saying good-bye to my VW bug soon and a vespa will be taking its place.  i present to you exhibit A:

the lxv 150 in portofino green

i am a huge fan of vespas and now that i’m a city girl, i think it is only appropriate that i get one.  it’s always been my dream to ride down the streets of LA with a cute leather helmet, crossbody bag, and heels.  i guess the fact that my insurance goes down about $800 annually is pretty sweet, too.




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11 04 2010

why are you and i always on the same page? i just tried one of these out yesterday because i’m thinking of getting one for the summer. we could be ADORABLE VESPA TWINS!

11 04 2010

um, we’re always on teh same page because we’re twinzies. duh. we should take the motorcycle safety class together. i am getting my vespa after finals, methinks. i picked my helmet and everything! gawd, i am a dork

11 04 2010

ok ok ok, i just came up with the best idea. let’s have a biker gang with leather jackets.

13 04 2010

only if we beadazzle snappy nicknames on the back

13 04 2010

i’m down with that. can we have bandanas and studded belts, too? this is gonna be sweeeeeeet

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