lesser of two evils: one-armed hugs or pats on the back

8 04 2010

there’s something about a pat on the back that irks me.  maybe it’s because when you get pats on the back, it’s either because you did something deserving praise or you’re going through something that requires a “there, there now, life will be okay” sort of gesture.  methinks there are better ways to express praise or sympathy.

now about that one-armed hug.  really?  you can’t put two arms around a person and just squeeze?  if you have your hands full, okay i get it, but if you are empty-handed, go big or go home.  well, not at a job interview (ahem), but in social settings where you are going to one-arm hug someone, why not just go that extra mile and get both of your upper appendages involved?  just sayin’.

so if i had to pick…dun dun dun: i’d rather have a one-armed hug.  it’s better than no hug at all and the pat on the back is way too condescending.  now, a one-armed hug with a simultaneous pat on the back – well, that’s a different story altogether.




2 responses

10 04 2010

The pat on the back would be the lesser of two evils because it at least has a defined purpose. The one armed hug is just lazy and reckless.

10 04 2010

i respect your opinion on the matter, but i’d rather have lazy and reckless over a defined purpose that is executed in such an undesirable manner.

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