label lust: chanel 2.55

4 04 2010

i’m not a label-lover.  really.  i own some of the good stuff, but not because i intentionally bought the label for the sake of buying the label.  and if that’s you, there’s nothing wrong with that – to each her own.  we each have our preferences and i’m not in any position to say there’s a right or wrong.  as for me,  generally i love clothing and shoes if they are well-made and classic.  i shy away from most trends, maybe because they scare me or maybe because i just can’t effortlessly pull it off like some of you fashionistas out there.   i tend to like clothes and shoes that are dependably chic season after season, year after year, and i don’t care who makes them – just as long as they are made them so well that i don’t have to buy another version of it in the next year.  christian louboutin sits next to enzo angiolini in my closet.  volcom hangs next to brooks brothers.  it’s a mix-y melting pot of anything that i happen to like.  i explain this to you because i am trying to rationalize my lust for an iconic purse that is overpriced.  but beautiful. and ladylike.  and quilted (i love quilted things).  and lusted after by many a label-lover.  it’s just so classic and the chain is so feminine but it’s a powerful sort of feminine.  take-over-the-world feminine.  do you get what i mean?

you will be mine someday, chanel purse.  mine forever.




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