so…i just found out i’m not 20 anymore.

3 04 2010

once upon a time, i was able to say “oh, more shots of vodka?  sure, i’ll down that, because you know what?  i never get hangovers.  EVER.”  i was naïve to think that i was just hard-wired that way.   a couple of years ago, i would wake up with a tiny headache after a night of debauchery and think to myself, “oh, maybe this is a hangover.  this isn’t bad at all!”   yesterday morning, reality hit me.  hello, full-blown hangover.  where have you been all my life?

a couple of nights ago, i went out with some friends from law school.  first things first:  i had a fabulous time.  i never really go out because law school has me invisibly chained to my desk and laptop, so it was nice to let loose a little.  one beer led to another, then i was drinking wine, and before i knew it, that blueberry stoli and soda tasted like juice!  this was not moderation, friends.  needless to say, when i got home i left a pile of clothes on the floor and stumbled into bed, conking out before i could get a sip of water in.  BIG mistake.

i won’t be drinking again until after finals are over.  the hangover was just what i needed to get my ass into gear.

p.s. – highlights of the night?  singing “what about love” by heart at the top of my lungs with laura, getting frey to love brussels sprouts, and scoring a table for 10 at father’s office.  good times.




2 responses

4 04 2010

first thought when i woke up: “i’m too old for this shit.” but other than the massive hangover i had a FANTASTIC time.

4 04 2010

uh, i second that first thought. it was so worth it though.

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