lesser of two evils

1 04 2010

new weekly blog feature:  making a choice between the lesser of two evils.  i’d like you to vote, too, actually.  this could be, like, an interactive thing between me and my three readers.

today’s choices:  taylor swift v. miley cyrus

yes, i know this pairing is somewhat played out and kinda unoriginal, but i was inspired by professor robinson’s use of taylor swift in his constitutional law examples as well as by laura’s story on how miley cyrus got the name “miley” (allegedly, she was so smiley as a baby that they started calling her “miley”).  her real name is destiny hope cyrus.  really?  destiny hope?  if something is your destiny, can you really have hope?  because if you are destined for something, all the hope in the world does you no good because you can’t change the future.  and that’s what hope is about, right?  the future.

i digress.

back to the topic at hand.  i have no shame in admitting that i actually like the song “the climb” by miley.  i listen to it when law school’s got me feeling low and i need that extra little boost of inspirational crap.  but miley also kinda sounds like a man when she talks and i don’t like her singing voice all that much.

then there’s taylor.  as much as i don’t want to know her songs, i sing along to her on KIIS FM at the top of my lungs, as if the lyrics and melody were innate – instilled in me along with my fight or flight instincts.  oddly, i also like that none of her songs really make a lot of sense.  the mindlessness of her work is pure genius!  and i don’t say that with one bit of sarcasm – i promise.  i think it’s nice to have a song with a nice tune and not too much substance.  like that ke$ha song about swagger and mick jagger.

anyway, i’ll make a choice:  i pick taylor swift.  miley is too toothy for me.  and her music sucks a little bit.




One response

10 04 2010

“(allegedly, she was so smiley as a baby that they started calling her “miley”).”

If that is true, that makes me really angry.

P.S. Miley Cyrus is either a man or a robot, maybe both.

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