THAT was fun.

15 03 2010

Not really.  But memo-writing is never fun, and yet somehow, I signed up to do this for the rest of my life.  Must re-evaluate decision-making skills.

On to more exciting things, like blogs.   This may sound crazy, but blogging may have made me a better law student.  I now realize how much clutter I have in my brain.  It’s kinda like when your hands and arms are full of groceries and you just need to put some stuff down in order to open the door.  I just needed some place to put all of this randomness down so I can think for a minute.  Journals are nice in theory but they suck in reality because your hand starts to hurt after awhile and if you make a mistake, there’s no backspace – just an unsightly little squiggle of pen.  Me no likey.

Blogs are way cooler anyway .  Your thoughts are out there for anyone who wants to see them – out there in the big wide interwebs.   Yep, I’m only 8 years behind on this whole blog thing, but I’m into it now.

And now, I leave you a picture of the interwebs, taken by yours truly at the Massive Change [the future of global design] Exhibit when it was in Chicago.

ooh, the interwebs.




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