numbers don’t lie but numbers don’t get it done, either…

5 03 2010

i always pick up little nuggets of inspirational wisdom whenever i listen to sports radio.  i don’t even know who they were talking about when they said this little line, but it struck a chord with me. numbers don’t lie but numbers don’t get it done, either.   you can believe you are the best of the best and your stats can support your belief, but at the end of the day, your stats don’t get it done for you.  your stats don’t win you championships or gold medals.  they don’t earn you A’s.  you have to be able to finish strong.  as my husband would say, you have to be clutch.

so, where does this “clutch” quality come from?  i’m sure talent plays a role, but if its role were that major, all talented people would be clutch and they aren’t.  the foundation of clutchness is a lot of hard work.  we all shy away from it.  i may be assuming too much when i include all of us under the shy-away-from-hard-work umbrella.  i don’t mean to say that we shy away from it all of the time; i think we all shy away from it at SOME time.

hard work builds the confidence you need to be clutch.  the hard work you put in serves as a little reminder that you are prepared for this moment – that although you are a talented individual, you can finish whatever it is because you put your talent to good use and you’re ready to dominate.

i’d better go do all that hard work now.




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