4 03 2010

I’m a blog-a-holic with blog bulimia.  Let me explain.  I have a teensy obsession with domain names and have registered over twenty in the past year with the hopes of finding one that fit me (how self-absorbed, I know).  I’d register, then I’d purge.  NO…sounds too cheezy.  Too serious.  Eh.  The list went on like this for quite some time.

I even had trouble deciding on the hosting website.  LiveJournal?  Blogger?  Xanga?  The choices just effed with my head.  What’s even worse is that I’m not generally indecisive – I usually like something or I don’t, but somehow I’ve been convinced that this whole blog thing is about “personal branding” and THAT thought catapulted this whole project into the overthink/overdo/crazy sphere.

This tangentially relates to my slight obsession with journals.  I love writing in journals, and lord knows I love me a pretty journal, so I buy them in excess, one after the other, write in twenty pages, and move onto the next because I have journal A.D.D.  Not only am I killing trees, I’m wasting precious dollars.  Lucky for me, I have the interwebs and now I can just register domain names for fun.  See?  Absolutely crazy.

So here I am.  I’ve found my blog.  I’ve found my blog host.  I am committed to it.   Now all I need to do is choose a stinkin’ camera and we can get this show on the  road.




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